October 2009 Premier – Cast & Crew

Production Team Bios:

Executive Producer Dana Harrison is a retired corporate executive and long-time Burning Man organizer with more than twenty-five years of experience running major projects and organizations.

Co-Producer Lawrence Kampf brings 25 years of theater experience to this project as producer and theater design consultant for unusual projects and cutting edge performance spaces worldwide.

Librettist Erik Davis is a noted counter-culture author, professor and performer, and was one of the first national journalists to cover Burning Man (www.techgnosis.com).

Composer Mark Nichols has written and produced a vast catalogue of shows for children and adults.  His work has been produced internationally, including a recent hit production of “Joe Bean” in NYC (www.thereallybig.com).

Director Christopher Fülling is a theater director based in Italy.  He has directed productions and performed across Europe and the US, and directed four of Pepe Ozan’s BMAN Operas (www.artmonastery.org).

Set designer and lead builder Shannon O’Hare is a Bay Area-based Master Carpenter, artist and professional set builder who was the mastermind and Project Lead for the Neverwas Haul (http://www.neverwashaul.com/).

Costumers Deborah Sciales and Oliver Lowe are well known artists in the  SteamPunk scene.  Deborah  is a San Francisco designer who sewed her first dress when she was twelve.  She sells her one-of-a-kind artwear and accessories pieces under the label DAS.  Oliver co-designs under the name Owl, and is the author of   SteamPunk Live!: A Retro-Futurist Dream: Fashion, Art, Vehicles, Edwardian Balls.

Assistant Director Patricia Miller is a SF/London based director, performer and pollinator. Credits include  straight and profane: Magic Theatre, Theatreworks, Shotgun, Mystic Family Circus and surfing 12 years of Burning Man. Teaching includes UCD UCR, Aurora Theatre Company, Cal Shakes, Mountview Theatre School London.

Company Manager/Volunteer Coordinator Katy Bell‘s bio information is coming soon.

Stage Manager Cory Mckenzie‘s bio information is coming soon.

Director of Visuals Dean Mermell is an actual professional Director/Editor, Screen Projections and Motion Pictures.  His website is here: www.storyfarm.com

Maria Christoff (Elementals’ Costumes) This Balkan transplant mixes her native aesthetics with bits of her Buddhist training into her professional costume, bridal and floral designs.

Production Manager Jay Neal is a longtime, nonstop, road-weary, production-and-logistics, sweat-and-blood, traveling-toolbox kind of guy — currently on loan from Seattle.

Cast/Band Bios:

Aaron Taylor was raised next to a nuclear power plant, now a Seattle based guitarist and pet portrait painter.

Anastasia Gillaspie is a bipedal wonder who hails from the harmonious world of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Andie Grace was raised in a thick marinade of music as a child; despite all her best efforts, she still grew up and got a day job, but since it’s Communications Manager at Burning Man, she’s definitely not complaining. She came to Burning Man in 1997 on a whim to play bass with her band, Sexpot, and essentially hasn’t left since; these days her entire family burns every year, including her parents (they even made big art!) and her toddler daughter.

Andrew Pulkrabek is an actor, musician and vaudeville performer based in Seattle, WA. He is currently studying to become a professional merry wanderer of the night.

Andy Stack is on loan from the Santa Clara County Wild Animal Sanctuary and should only be approached if you are wearing shiny clothes or blinky lights.

Betsy McCall is the synchronized swimming, pro-knitting, beer-drinking co-founder of the Art Monastery Project.

Charles Darius lives vicariously through his moustache, and will play just about anything but the transverse flute. He’s got special places in his heart for the science of art and the art of science. You can likely find him on one Fell stoop (dot com).

Chloe Trujillo’s spiritual calling is to express all the creative energies moving through her,unfolding and expanding…art-music-science more at chloeinart.com

Cybele Singer, actress, writer, performance artist, and overall dream builder hailing from NYC and Denver.

Daniele Mutino‘s biography is coming soon.

David Peterson’s heart is in rock & roll music. He lived in a school bus, a boat, a house, a cabin, and an apartment following his heart. He’s currently building a strawbale music studio in his back yard.

Dean Mermell is a San Francisco filmmaker and musician who has been known to say he likes everything. More at: www.storyfarm.com

Dr. Deb is a former model, actress,dancer, rock singer, who needed a real job to support her kids, so she went to med school and became a doctor(yawn), Currently doing a reality show and publishing her memoir”365 Days of Radical Fashion”, can often be found wearing a top hat.

George Scott is a Fabulous, Spiritual, Funkalicious & Blackalicious performer that explodes with FIRE whenever he’s on stage…Kiss me when you see me.

Harley DuBois is a trained singer who found her larger calling as a founding board member for both Burning Man and the Black Rock Arts  Foundation(BRAF).   Harley is Black Rock City’s Manager and chairs the  Grants for Artists program for BRAF.

Jacquie Duncan was born on Halloween.  This Scorpio, known on the Playa as Phoenix, loves to dance, perform, study yoga and travel the world.

Jenneviere is Nexus 6.

John Hollis Fleischman studied percussion performance at Washington State University with an emphasis on “being a rocker in a symphony orchestra”.  Growing up downriver from Hanford nuke facility and regularly playing with liquid mercury aside, he currently lives in Seattle and can be found drumming with Manooghi Hi.

John Mitchell aka “Jonni Ji” is a bay area Musician, DJ & Sound Engineer. He’s a 10year Burner. John will be doing all the Sound Reinforcement for the production as well as being cast as the ‘Super-Star DJ’ for the show.

Laura Timbrook Aka “Miss Laura”- is a long time local Bay Area Bohemian and Thespian. With a degree in Drama, she truly believes that life is but a stage.  Miss Laura is a singer of Jazz and rock who is influenced by the likes of Rickie Lee Jones, Julie London, Shirley Horn and Astrud Gilberto.

Lesley Freeman is a singer-songwriter who appeared as a singing bumblebee in the documentary film “The Real Dirt on Farmer John”.

Lisah Barry is a big fan of opera, brussel sprouts, the Castro, and most of all, Bella, her baby umbrella cockatoo.

Marisa Lenhardt is known in Burning Man circles as Thunderdome’s diva and the voice of David Best’s temples.

Marna Schwartz loves to sing, dance, drum and play, especially around sacred fires. She is a workshop facilitator, a Yoga, Health, and Sensual Confidence coach, and founder of Ecstatic Energetics (www.ecstaticenergetics.com).

Michael Mikel is a co-founder of Burning Man and is the organizing force behind the Cacophony Society.

Mikey Babel is the love child of Wonder and Cataclysm; he is a cosmologist, writer, disaster relief worker, and recovering actor and singer. He can live without almost anything except ice cream.

Nathan Rosquist’s bio has secretly been replaced by words of praise from his adoring new fiancee, Phoebe. He is awesome and adorable, and plays guitar, drums, clarinet, sings, writes poetry, designs webs and such, and if you mess with him, she will make a dust storm at you.  www.carrotrope.com

Phat Man Dee is a jazz singer from Pittsburgh, PA. Called by some “the Peggy Lee of Punk” she likes to imagine she is the love child of Tom Waits, Nina Simone and Captain Beefheart….She has traveled with Circus Rediculous, the Bindlestiff Family Roadshow, Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad, Fat Bottomed Girls Burlesque Review, Jazz Mandolin Project, Wogelmut, the Boiler Bar Steam Stage and the Neverwas Haul. She currently has two cd’s available “Torch of Blue”, “Life Just Goes On” and is working on a new creation about the hauntings of a lovely hotel in Windber, PA. http://www.phatmandee.com/

Phoebe Jevtovic is a recidivist singer of medieval, baroque, classical, and balkan music, and when she runs off to the desert, she leads people in the interlocking rhythms of monkey chant, and plays gongs and hand cymbals with Gamelan X. phoebej.com

Renfey (aka Lesa Hardy-Bergeaud) is a singer, songwriter and performer – a renegade word slayer and muse maker, lusting after melody, entangled in a waltz with words, humbled daily by the extraordinary people and experiences in her life… theater, performing, singing, writing and creating are indelibly part of her being… oh the simple life!

Robin Horca is a cranky receptionist carrot.

Steffanos X is grateful for the minimal dust in this show,

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