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Sizzle Reel of highlights of the show at Teatro Zinzanni!

The rousing opening number: Gypsy Dogs, featuring Steffanos X and Charles Darius

What the ticket says: Burning Man Lawyers

Poor newbies: Everyone Gets What they Need and Beautiful Freaks

The druggy one: Poison Path , featuring Dr. Deb Windham as Shamonica

The other druggy one: The End of the Line, with Melinda Smart impersonating a feather mafiosa

The Alchemical Dependence, featuring Renfey

The honchos butt heads: The Clash , featuring Christopher Fülling as Stetson and Steffanos X as Moustachio


From the live show:  Phoebe Jevtovic singing “Strange Weather”


“HOW TO SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE” demo (13:00 Minutes)

download mp3 (right-click/”save target as..”)

DEMO Performances by Julie Lewis,
Mark Nichols, Phoebe Jevtovic,
Mark Growden, George Scott.
Burning Man field recordings
by Phil Smart and Davey B.
Man with Bullhorn: Erik Davis
Co-creator, Artistic consultant: Christopher Fuelling;

Executive Producer: Dana Harrison

All Demo Instruments by Mark Nichols

Thanks to Nicole Maron for work the roadshow, and to Ron Meiners for gathering the team.

What it is…

You’re listening to a demo 13-minute version of the opera. There’s is more finished that you’re not hearing, and more to be written. Stay tuned for an Original Cast Recording from the premiere production — and, hopefully, a DVD version as well. In the meantime, here are some additional composer demos from the Stage Werx production:

1) The Esplanade

2) Party’s Over

3) Just a Man (Mark Nichols singing)

4) Just A Man (Deborah Frank Version)

5) Strange Weather

6) I Know A Place (feat. Steffanos X)

§ 5 Responses to “Watch & Listen”

  • AJ says:

    Wow! WowWowWow!

    When, when… oh when.. will this show hit the road? I want I want I WANT!

    Killer music. Laughed my ass off. Thanks!

  • Lexi says:

    *Cheers enthusiastically*

    Oh, I am so tickled! I heard about this through Jack Rabbit Speaks and am overjoyed. I hope to be able to make it up there on a weekday to catch the show!

    Great stuff, kids!

  • Issimo says:

    Yeah, opera!

    Lots of central stuff here! Kudos to the Komposers!!
    I’m a retired vocal music pro and I’m impressed.
    I was also a virgin burner at Evolution ’09.

    I’d like to hear what people thought was happening at, say, 2:30 and Inherit. (South of the pottys, of course) It’ll need open harmonies and mostly non-rhythmic percussion with an occasional jet landing… Put it somewhere in the middle of the 2nd act, or at the top of the 3rd. HA! HMMM…

    I’m stuck here on the ‘corn playa’ so I won’t get there. Have a great run!

  • ME! says:

    saw the show last night – oh what a sight!
    it was absolutely amazing
    breath taking and heart breaking
    the music is hilarious and moving, the cast and costumes are outstanding – way to fucking rock it people.
    i will return.. with many friends.

    thank you for the awesome incredible-ness.

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